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QingDao Quanpinqitang  Hot Spring Holiday Hote  apartment(Best serviced apartment of China), established by
FUYING construction group, luxury hotel apartment, the apartment is located on the west coast new district of Qingdao
phoenix island tourist resort in prime locations, changjiang road, lake sea and the mountain, sea on three sides, with
the unique resources. 10 minutes driving to the "Asia first beach" the golden beach and Qingdao horticultural world
expo venue - tang island Bay Park.

Apartment away from Qingdao Liuting international airport only 50 minutes by driving, at east reach the jiaozhou bay
undersea tunnel, arrived in Shinan districts only 20 minutes driving from the railway station. The surrounding
commercial, school, administrative, health, leisure and other supporting complete, ChangJiang west road extend
1 km, the district government, Mykal, JUSCO, Jiajiayuan, and bring the comfort and convenience in your life.

Apartment include 175 Rooms, equipped with luxury, executive suite, suite area from 60-150 square, provide variety
destination of business, tourism, vacation, etc. All facilities of the apartment based on classic and comfortable
design concept, highspeed internet and WIFI, super inch LED TV, etc. At floating window to see private garden, Lake
Park, the golden beach, tang island bay, unlimited scenery panoramic view. At a cost of RMB50 million to build
thousands of square meters and domestic luxury SPA, 36 business shop for build special street to bring great
leisure and holiday model in good health, let you enjoy the imperial noble experience!

Apartment advantage
Gailo apartment is the only one in China that introduction number of the world's top planning with design ideas and
high-tech system hotel type apartment, hired world-class company, such as the United States K.O.E,Swiss Keller,
through underground heat exchange Wells to increased energy, and combined the underground heat pump
system, the ceiling radiation system, the air circulating system and so on, more than 10 new energy saving,
environmental protection technology, to realized the indoor all year round spring-like seasons, suitable humidity in
the summer, not dry in the winter, year-round supply of fresh air purification, the formation of "constant temperature,
constant humidity, constant oxygen", We made a real sense "breathing house" that create a living environment with
healthy environmental protection, high comfort and low power .Consumed RMB120 million to make multiple
vegetation greening Spanning, tree transplantation 40000 square to created private mountain park, ensure that our
staying guest to enjoy all seasons flowers, good landscape whole year, fresh air and elegant environment, that is a
natural oxygen bar.


International five-star Hotel Management Team to present to our guests the world-class butler service experience enlivens the sense, home away from home when you staying and enjoying your meal
at our apartment. We offering the personalized service according to guest expectation, our butler service offering
exceptional service from material recipe prepare and meal-time service.

Apartment is equipped with a 12000 square meters SPA, Include Ecological Restaurant, Leisure and Relaxing
Exercise Fitness, Health and Sports area, Heathy Recovery Center. Especially for RMB50 million configured SPA
Center, it is introduced of Taiwan's top facilities, to provide SPA, Sauna, Medicated bath, Swimming, Sweat Stream
, Meditation Room, 3D Movie, Fitness in the water, that have hundreds kinds of service, this is also the unique in
China largest .

Apartment support
Ground source heat pump systen
The advanced drainage system
Straight drinking water systems
The central dust collection system
Smart home living system
French Style Lanscape
Constant temperature water softening system
Fresh air replacement system

Suite Introduction
The Apartment Rooms: 175
Executive Sea View Suite Ⅰ: 14 Rooms
Executive Sea & Mountain View Suite Ⅰ: 3 Rooms
Luxury Garden View Suite Ⅰ: 15 Rooms
Executive Sea & Mountain View Suite Ⅱ: 37 Rooms
Luxury Garden View Suite Ⅱ: 45 Rooms
Executive Luxury Sea & Mountain View Suite Ⅱ: 3 Rooms
Luxury Garden View Suite Ⅲ: 15 Rooms
Executive Luxury Sea & Mountain View Suite Ⅲ: 17 Rooms
Deluxe Gailo Suite:26 Rooms

The world first-class DTZ Property Service Management Company wholeheartedly for your service.


ADD:Fuying Gailo International Hotel Apartment No.8 building Tianlu Lake No.439 Changjiang East Road. Fuying Tianlu Lake north 100 meters west road.West coast of Qingdao New District   TEL: 0532-83171999  Admin
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