Business & entertainment luxury double clubs, urban layer peak exclusive relax place
FUYING•Gailo knows the longing of successful people , we are intensive study the essence of cities’ culture ,do our best to build the business & entertainment luxury clubs in 10000 square meters with high class & high quality. Let you enjoy the luxury life.

Naturally the layer peak, the real life spirit
Coffee elegant mellow, movement, the party fully and delightfully happy......
Here, thought and vision collision, elegant and noble blending, romantic and exotic dance, art and taste interleaving......
FUYING Gail club, extending the layer peak spirit, also is a natural expression of real life.
The meeting of wind and clouds clearance, put down the fame and status, forget the distinguished and vanity, boiling tea, encounter confidant.
Chats are indifferent to the leisure leisurely, also map out a strategy momentum.

Five star luxury configuration, exclusive custom service
Club configuration five Stars Hotel luxury facilities and decoration, covering spa, Coffee Museum, eco restaurant, multi-functional meeting room, fitness, catering Food facilities and elegant place. Hire a professional club operation and management company, to provide entertainment, business, catering, holiday party, theme Sharon, aromatherapy SPA customization service.

The British butler service, characteristic service system of the five Stars Hotel standard
The good temperament not only from the family, there are also depends on the environmental;If want get a highly temperament the only way is living in the good environment,
FUYING•Gailo knows the life’s habit of successful people, insight into the Chinese nobleman living needs, fetch in the "British Royal Butler Service System" , and extraction of all the top property service concept and spirit, put the “property management" comprehensive upgrade to the "Royal butler service", one stop service for 24 hours, let each resident enjoy life's noble and elegant, to be a real nobleman.

Seven core service value
1. British Royal management services with High standards of service orientation
2. Jinchang property - Fuying Group subsidiary brands, strong service guarantee
3. the international well-known property Consultants Co CBRE provide service guide
4. five Stars Hotel standard industry servant mentality and service etiquette
5. Butler service diversification and customization
6. 3-5 minutes and quick response service
7. daily services, home services, maintenance services, contractual services, such as multi-level feature service


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