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FUYING Gailo internationa
FUYING Gailo international hotel apartment(Best serviced apa
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Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Co. Ltd. is the core enterprise of Fuying group, founded in 1977, in 1997 changed to the joint-stock enterprises, the company established in 2000. After leaping over thirty years of development, now is the construction general contractor “First Level “enterprise qualification of building engineering.

Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Co. Ltd.is depent on the Fuying group strong strength  as the basis , institutional setup is complete, strong technical force, under construction, installation engineering, municipal engineering, earth and stone works, building waterproof engineering, decoration engineering, landscape engineering, equipment, machinery leasing, engineering survey, engineering and testing more than twenty production of construction units. Existing staff 2000 people, including titles in engineering and economic management staff and the project manager more than 650 people.

Companies strive to practice the "let the architectural achievements of life, and create a better life for the human“ enterprise vision, fully implement the "build first-class team, excellent project" and "prevention first, safety first" quality, safety management policy, in the construction management in the process of grasping safety, promote production, quality, effect, strengthening the awareness of quality, create fine works, with excellent quality, service and elegant environment, customer feedback, and constantly improve Fuying brand value, enhance the image of Fu ying. In recent years, the construction and participation in the project number won "Luban prize", "Taishan Cup", "Shandong province quality and integrity, customer satisfaction demonstration project", "Qingdao Cup" and "provincial safe and civilized construction site" excellent ", Qingdao City standardization demonstration site" and other honorary. Enterprise for many years was the "national Shou contract re credit enterprise", "national excellent construction enterprise", "advanced enterprise" the construction industry in Shandong Province, "Shandong Province, the construction of safety culture demonstration enterprise", "Shandong province consumer satisfied unit", "Qingdao top 100 private enterprises", "Qingdao integrity of private enterprise", "Qingdao City Labor harmonious enterprise", "Qingdao city" Ankang Cup "contest winning enterprise", "Qingdao city safe production advanced unit", "Qingdao quality engineering to create advanced units" and other honorary titles, Fuying trademark was identified as "Shandong famous trademark"

Companies'  Chairman Jiao Zhifu & General Manager Jiao Zhibin and all staff is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, harmony and win-win cooperation, build a better tomorrow!


ADD:Fuying Gailo International Hotel Apartment No.8 building Tianlu Lake No.439 Changjiang East Road. Fuying Tianlu Lake north 100 meters west road.West coast of Qingdao New District   TEL: 0532-83171999  Admin
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