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FUYING Gailo internationa
FUYING Gailo international hotel apartment(Best serviced apa
that is a natural oxygen
Consumed RMB120 million to make multiple vegetation greening
Business & entertainment
FUYING•Gailo knows the longing of successful people , w
Global Area Of Silence/Pe
International five-star Hotel Management Team to present to
Development history

● In March 1st, 2014, "Fu Ying - day Luhu Kangmei Yisheng international health city" project appraisal and development strategy seminar held on the west coast of Qingdao economic development zone. "Fu Ying - day Luhu Kangmei Yisheng international health city" a total construction area of 12000 square meters, its Fu Ying group all-out effort to build, to solve the health of sub healthy people as the core, to pay close attention to and conditioning sub healthy people to focus, using home and abroad the latest technology and technology , with domestic top SPA spa and fitness the clubhouse, create a set of health, beauty, health, ecology as one of the high-end international health city.

●In December 24th, 2013, “Qingdao Fuying investment management limited company” was establishment, registered capital of three hundred million yuan.

●In October 30th, 2013, Fu Ying international home Grand opening. With first stage Fuying decoration city advantage complementary, its means one-stop home shopping is sailon at the west coast of Qingdao.

●April 18th, 2013, held a Fuying international Home Furnishing Life Plaza investment cooperation conference, launched a series of preferential policies, the comprehensive building with high added value and entrepreneurship, the platform for the development of brand marketing, to create a new chapter for Fuying international Home Furnishing creation industry and take-off!

● May 16th, 2012, held a grand foundation stone laying ceremony for The Fuying international building materials & Home Furnishing & life square. The project is based at Fuying decorative city ten years of successful operation, to start the construction of the second phase of the project, in order to further improve the level and the size of the market,  after completion of the project will become the  Qingdao west coast trade and logistics center, building materials & Home Furnishing transaction center, information center , become the building materials Home Furnishing carrier maximum in Qingdao and surrounding areas.

●November 18th, 2011, held a grand Fuying - Days Luhu application and demonstration of renewable energy construction project launching ceremony, represents a new living style and life experience will be kicked off in Qingdao.

●In 2010 October, a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, Fu Ying - Tian Lu Lake projects total construction area of 236 thousand square meters, the world's top design idea and the high-tech system. Let you say goodbye with heating and air conditioning, the "life and building" perfect consistency, to create "high Shu constant temperature and humidity, constant oxygen, low dust, low noise low carbon", with high comfort degree little energy consumption, residential environment, is listed as the national building demonstration projects using renewable resources, and was awarded the "national Habitat classic architectural planning, environmental double gold medal".

●2009 September, Fu Ying Building won the "Taishan cup".

● 2009 June, the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership with the CCTV network enterprise channel, become the CCTV network enterprise channel "real estate" industry the only gold booth cooperation unit.

 ●2009 March, Fu Ying group relocation Fu Ying building, large amplitude improve the office environment, make the overall strength of enterprises & reputation continuously upgrade.

●2008 October, "Fu Ying and drawing" trademark was identified as "Shandong famous trademark".

●2008 July, Qingdao Fuying Real Estate Development Company limited success upgrades for the second grade qualification enterprise of real estate development enterprises.

●2006 December,  Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Co. construction of golden beach  municipal and environmental engineering, won the highest award of the national project quality -- Chinese construction engineering Luban prize (National Quality Engineering), opened a new chapter for the enterprise a prize work.

●2006  May, the establishment of Qingdao Chenglian Properties Limited, the registered capital of 10 million yuan.

●2005 November, the development and construction of Qingdao Fuying Real Estate Development Company limited the first high-grade, high-rise residential Fuying jin xiu city.

●2005 January, Qingdao Fu Shao Properties Limited is establishment, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, its founded in Qingdao Laixi city that is to develop the nonlocal market engaged in real estate development and operation of the professional company. A key development project is the Fu Ying Yuan plum ecological port in Laixi City.

●2004 December, Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Limited company enterprise qualification successfully upgraded to the housing construction general contracting qualification "First Level" enterprises.

●2004 November, "Fu Ying and drawing" trademark was identified as "Qingdao famous trademark".

●2004 May, the establishment of the Qingdao Fuying Survey Technology Co. Ltd.

●2004 March, Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Limited Company was named "national Shou contract re credit enterprises" by State Administration for Industry and commerce, As the first one who won this award that one of the two enterprises.

●2002 October, Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Limited company through the ISO9002:2000 version international quality, ISO14001 environment and OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system certification, become one of Qingdao the west coast  the earliest through the three management system certification of enterprises.

● September 28th, 2002, Fuying Decoration City, Fu Ying vehicle parts city of Kaesong, marks the two shops officially put into operation.

●2002 April, the corporate logo "Fuying and drawing" successfully passed the National Trademark Bureau registration.

●2001 May to June, enterprises in the construction industry chain extending laterally, the establishment of the Qingdao Fu Ying group gardening Engineering Co. Ltd. and Qingdao Jin Yuan inspection Engineering Co Ltd, relates to the landscaping, gardening landscape construction, domain engineering project detection etc.

●2000 November, the establishment of the Qingdao Fu Ying decoration City Co. Ltd., Qingdao Fuying motor vehicle fittings Market Management Company Limited, the scope of business extended to the field of circulation, the diversified development of enterprises to a new level. Covers an area of 330 acres and a building area of 110 thousand square meters, Fu Ying decoration City, Fu Ying vehicle parts city start the construction.

●2000 August, in order to further reveal the strength of enterprises, promote enterprise's brand image, the successful formation of group company, become the first batch of Qingdao West Coast realizing group management of enterprises. And initially formed mainly in construction, "development pattern of one industry based, multi industry simultaneously,".

●1998 September, to further enhance the real estate for after sale service facilities, the establishment of the Qingdao Jin Jingchang Property Management Limited (formerly Qingdao Fuyuan Property Management Company Limited), became one of the earlier in the property management professional institutions in Qingdao.

●1998 July, only six months, successfully from township enterprises restructuring for the joint-stock cooperative enterprises, become the one that successful restructuring of enterprises in Qingdao west coast .

●1993 February - March, has invested 30 million yuan, the establishment of two Real Estate Company, respectively is the Qingdao city Huang Dao the fourth real estate development company (Qingdao Fuying real estate development limited company predecessor) and Sino foreign joint venture Qingdao Jin Yuan Real Estate Co., Ltd,that is marking the enterprises diversified development has taken an important step.

●1991 November, based on the construction and installation of construction engineering, to expand business scope, to get involved in building materials industry, set up the Qingdao west coast  first foreign joint venture Qingdao Xiechang Building Material Co., Ltd, achieved  in those year negotiate, begin construction , put into operation, export at same year. Create a famous "Xiechang speed". Marks the development of enterprises to diversify the first step, but also for the enterprise to realize the primitive accumulation of capital got the second fund.

●1984 November, the establishment of Qingdao city Huangdao District Xuejiadao Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd (Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Limited company predecessor).

●1977 October, set up in Qingdao city Huangdao District Xuejiadao commune construction team (Qingdao Fuying Construction Group Limited company predecessor).


ADD:Fuying Gailo International Hotel Apartment No.8 building Tianlu Lake No.439 Changjiang East Road. Fuying Tianlu Lake north 100 meters west road.West coast of Qingdao New District   TEL: 0532-83171999  Admin
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